Integrative Solution for WPC Projects

Integrative Solution for WPC Projects

From Sundi photos gallery, you can see that our products including Garden products-decking, railing, pergola, and small garden ornaments. The second series is prefab house-new technology combined with the light steel and WPC interior wall and exterior wall panel, the third series is the interior WPC wall panel.


  • Raw materials: stable suppliers, quality control of moisture percentage, color and performance.

  • Granules: inspection of moisture percentage, size and color of granules.

  • Extruding profiles: constant extruding speed, quality control of color, dimension, surface flatness, distortion degree and performance test.

  • Surface finishing: sanding degree and grain evenness degree controlling.

  • Storage: clean and clear.

  • Ex-factory inspection: check the profiles on the top and bottom of the packages ensure perfect goods!