Challenges And Future Of Ultra Modern Prefab Homes For Sale

Challenges And Future Of Ultra Modern Prefab Homes For Sale

1. Too much Cost - The Greatest Challenge Faced by ultra modern prefab homes for sale

Compared with the traditional cast-in-place construction mode, the cost of assembly construction mode increases or decreases in different links, and the cost increases in most parts. Prefabricated buildings are built with prefabricated components. Although the cost of some site construction is reduced, such as reinforcing steel and concrete works, masonry works, measures and plastering works, there are incremental costs in the design, production and installation of assembly buildings to varying degrees. With the increase of prefabrication rate, the cost per square metre will increase accordingly.

2. Looking for a market - making cost growth affordable in the short term

Build houses in parts of fixed house prices, using assembled buildings. Even if the cost is only higher than the traditional cast-in-place method, the higher cost is still the unacceptable cost increase in the housing sales market (developers or consumers). Where the housing price is above a certain level, the effect of policy promotion is more obvious. It is the target market of prefabricated housing sales enterprises.

3. Clear future - ultra modern prefab homes for sale enterprises firm future direction

In the future, the attraction of the construction industry to the new generation of migrant workers is declining with the increasing cost of labor and the aging population. The construction and security cost of traditional cast-in-place construction will increase slowly. With the promotion of scale and efficiency of assembled construction, the comprehensive advantages of cost-effectiveness of construction methods will gradually emerge, and the cost of ultra modern prefab homes for sale will undoubtedly become lower and lower.


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