About Wpc Wall Cladding

About Wpc Wall Cladding

1. WPC wall cladding: a new type of materials

WPC wall cladding is a new type of environmentally sound materials, which can be used as the enclosure structure inside and outside the building. It is suitable for non-load-bearing walls, whose surface has a certain degree of waterproofing. Its thermal physical properties are better than reinforced concrete and compacted clay, closing to commonly used wall covering panels.

2. WPC wall cladding has many superior performances

It is light in weight, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, durable and anti-aging. Besides, it is with characters of heat insulation, heat preservation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, good stability and dielectric properties; It is easy to weld and bond, with strong bending strength and impact toughness. The elongation is high when broken; the surface is smooth, the color is bright, and it is very decorative; the construction process is simple and the installation is convenient.

(1) Beautiful WPC wall cladding is also environmentally friendly

WPC wall cladding can withstand all kinds of bad weather, with characters of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and flame retardant, and is easy to install. No matter in the production process or in the process of use, it will not cause pollution and can be recycled. It is an ideal environmentally friendly decorative material.

(2) WPC wall cladding has a changeable stylish design

WPC wall cladding boasts simple visual beauty, diversified colors, and texture design that is both true and false. The perfect combination with other high-quality decorative materials and the changeable stylish design give people a perfect visual enjoyment, a visual feast is quietly coming.

(3) WPC wall cladding is water-proof and moisture-proof

It basically solves the problem of wood products that are easy to rot, swell and deform after being damp in a humid environment. It is insect-proof and termite-proof, effectively preventing pests from harassment and extending its service life. The surface is smooth, the color is bright, and it is very decorative. The construction process is simple and the installation is convenient.

3. Installation method of WPC wall cladding

First, you need to install the keel, use an expansion tube to fix it, and also need to level the whole. The WPC keel is installed on the ground with 5 to 6cm between the expansion pipes. The surface of the WPC keel is required to be higher than the screw cap. Fix the self-tapping screws on the WPC keel, which are consistent with the surface of the WPC wall cladding, and the distance is about 5 mm. Fix the WPC wall cladding and the keel with screws at the beginning and ending, and use the plastic buckle at the junction of the remaining WPC wall cladding and the keel to check whether they are firmly connected.

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