Choice of Color for Wood Plastic Products

Choice of Color for Wood Plastic Products

When planning your wood plastic materials, Sundi wood-plastic materials provide a full range of colors that can be considered, making your design truly infinite. Mix and match colors to create all your own unique patterns and color combinations.


Thanks to the unique extrusion process, the color can be truly uniform and consistent. Year after year, it still looks great. You don't have to spend time dyeing or repairing. Compared with traditional wood plastic materials, Sundi wood plastic materials are natural and friendly, without painting and sealing, which will not decay or bite by termites and is easy to install. The enjoyment of Sundi wood plastic products are truly unlimited.


Our unique production processes use a variety of cellulose raw materials, wood flour and plastic resins. Therefore, our wood plastic products are more uniform in color, more natural and beautiful in appearance and higher in quality than those made from other materials.


Sundi Plastic Wood uses a sophisticated color measurement system to ensure that the existing color deviation is compact so that the hue changes are minimal. The surface of Sundi wood plastic products is natural and beautiful between each board and batch of boards, and there are no color patches.


Ultraviolet protection additives reduce harmful fading effects from the sun. The color difference between new and weathered products is minimized by adding ultraviolet inhibitors and ground surfaces. Sundi wood-plastic materials use highly reflective inorganic pigments to minimize the absorption of solar energy.

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