What Is Adamas WPC

What Is Adamas WPC

Adamas WPC is one kind of high level WPC, which contains wood fibre, HDPE and some other additives, use the alloy technology to combine the raw materials together, from extruding machine. Adamas WPC is high performance WPC, whose performance is 2-3 times of general WPC. 

adamas decking

Sundi Adamas WPC, not every WPC factory can produce the Adamas WPC, Adamas WPC can be only produced by Sundi, Sundi has the core patent technology all over the world.

Sundi Adamas WPC has the high cost performance, and can be used in almost all areas.

  • Sundi Adamas WPC can be used in extreme weather area, because Adamas WPC has lower expansion rate, better dimension stability, lower water absorption rate and longer life span.

  • For some area required higher safety factor, Sun

  • Adamas WPC can offer higher strength performance, ageing resistant, no cracking and no shrinking.

  • For the area with more visitors, Sundi Adamas WPC can offer more weight capacity and ornamental value.

  • For the building required longer life span, Sundi Adamas WPC can offer higher ageing  resistance and can adapt any climate all over the world.

  • For the outside decking required wider keel span, Sundi Adamas WPC can offer higher strength and impact strength to fit for customer's needs.