Maintenance Methods and Installation Points of Plastic Wood Railings

Maintenance Methods and Installation Points of Plastic Wood Railings

Now many scenic spots can see plastic wood railings. In the process of making railings, traditional wood materials are not used, but plastic wood materials are used to complete the processing process. Therefore, railings have the advantages of plastic wood materials. When using the railing, you don't have to worry about the influence of the surrounding environment. In rainy days or low temperature conditions, the railing can maintain its original state without changing. The humid environment has little effect on the railings, so as to extend the service life of the railings, and the railings need to be maintained at ordinary times. What are some simple maintenance methods for plastic wood railings?

1. Maintenance method of plastic wood railing

Regular maintenance of the railing can keep the surface of the material intact as before. If there are stains on the surface of the railing, the staff should clean it up in time and do not leave any marks on the surface of the railing. But for the stains that are difficult to handle, do not use hard objects to wipe them, but use a soft cloth to wipe them. After certain cleaning and maintenance, the railing can maintain its original state.

In the process of using plastic wood railings, try to avoid scratches, etc., because it is difficult to deal with these marks on the surface of the railing. If necessary, you can add protective devices around the railing. The above is a brief introduction to railing maintenance knowledge. Usually you need to pay attention to these details when using railings. Regular maintenance of the railing can make the service life of material longer. There are many types of plastic wood railings today. In order to create suitable decorative effects in different environments, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and color of the railings to achieve better decorative purposes and visual effects.

2. The installation points of plastic wood railings

(1) Some plastic wood railings can be installed directly on the ground, but when laying plastic wood railings on the ground, care must be taken to protect the surface of the plastic wood railings from being scratched to ensure the smoothness, cleanliness and beauty of the surface of the plastic wood material.

(2) When installing plastic wood railings, ensure the aesthetics of the installation while ensuring the strength, without damage, and pay attention to the location of the screws, and the screw holes should not be exposed as much as possible, so as not to affect the overall installation effect of the railing.

(3) When installing the column and the ground, steel plates can be embedded in the concrete, so that the steel plate at the bottom of the column is welded to the embedded steel plate, or the bolts are used for fastening, and the firmness of the column must be ensured.

(4) For more special railings, such as plastic wood railings with curvature, the angle of the tenon needs to be calculated systematically and accurately. At the same time, it should also be considered that plastic wood railings also have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. When installing, it is necessary to leave a little space for expansion and contraction to prevent outdoor plastic wood railings from expanding in rainy seasons and affecting normal use.

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