Adamas WPC Test

Adamas WPC Test

With core patent technology, Sundi Adamas WPC has excellent performance:

  • Higher bearing capacity, the breaking load with standard keel span is more than 6000 N, and the bending strength is more than 45 MPa, the keel span can reach 900 MM. 

  • Higher ability of anti-collision, Sundi Adamas WPC's impact strength is more than 10KJ/㎡.

  • Non-deformability is higher, the deformation temperature is more than 95℃, which can adapt all extreme conditions all over the world. 

  • Less thermal expansion and contraction, Sundi Adamas WPC linear thermal expansion coefficient is 3~5×10-5K-1 Which makes our WPC composite products can be used in higher temperature span area between day and night.       

  • Longer life span, Sundi Adamas WPC has been tested by an artificially accelerated aging test of 6000 hours. Sundi Adamas life span is more than 30 years.