Application of Wood Plastic Composites in Life

Application of Wood Plastic Composites in Life

With the development of science and technology, wood plastic compositeswill be used more and more in our life. At present, most of the wood plastic composite materials on the market are wood plastic composite floor, wooden plastic railings and wooden plastic trestle road, which are used in the scenic spots. So today I'd like to introduce some places about wood plastic composites used in our life.


The first one is applied in landscape architecture and landscape greening, outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, public place furniture, sanitation facilities, recreational facilities, recreational facilities, community property supporting, interior decoration, staircase processing, iron decoration and other industries. For example, airport, hotel, clubhouse, square, cinema, office club, garden district, etc.


The second outdoor applications are: trestle, guardrail, green level platform, mountaineering road, residential overhead floor, decoration of the building exterior wall, air conditioning shutters, square floor, billboard, gallery, flower box, tree pond, trash can, bench, arbor, cabin, etc.


Wood plastic composites can be customized for different application sites and requirements. There are also middle-end and high-end wood plastic composites. Wood plastic composites are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, wood-textured, waterproof, anticorrosive, mildew-proof, insect-proof, and have no cracking, high color fastness, easy installation, and it can last for 30-60 years. This is why wood plastic profiles can replace wood and become popular products in the building materials industry.


Nanjing Xuhua Sundi New Building Material Co., Ltd. is one of the wood plastic composite manufacturers in china. Its main products include plastic wood hollow and solid flooring. In addition, other outdoor products are also produced,such as DIY flooring, plastic wood guardrail and fence, plastic wood park chair, plastic wood flower box and flower pond, plastic wood flower rack, plastic wood gallery rack, plastic wood pavilion, plastic wooden trestle road.

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