Planter Kits

Planter Kits

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Sundi garden planter box kits: Using Sundi Adamas WPC and stainless frame, Sundi Tree Box is more beautiful and more durable with kinds of desings. You will always find the one you like, small tree box for flowers and big one for bush. Sundi Tree Box will decorate your yard more and more vibrant. 

These are not your typical wood planters that fall apart after a few years of exposure. Our garden planters are built to last, using strong construction and durable Adamas WPC—over two inches thick at the corners. The rot-resistant WPC is made even more durable by a non-toxic waterproof sealant that is safe for vegetable gardening.

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Planter Kits

Planter boxes can be set up anywhere for a quick and convenient container garden. The planter's WPC bottom sits an inch off the ground and provides excellent drainage on non-absorbant surfaces such as compacted dirt and concrete. Planter boxes can be paired with a variety of matching garden trellises for attractive and productive vertical gardening.

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