How to Select WPC Decking Correctly?

How to Select WPC Decking Correctly?

Ⅰ. WPC decking in decoration

Purchasing decoration materials is a very important part in decoration. WPC decking is gradually accepted and used in decoration due to its good practical performance.

For private owners, outdoor WPC decking can be used for garden floor paving and balcony paving. However, industry insiders pointed out that there are misunderstandings in its purchase. The following content will teach you how to select WPC decking correctly.

Misunderstanding 1: Plain decking is WPC decking

Do not think that plain decking are genuine WPC decking. Making a purchase of plain decking and paint for self-made and polishing seems to save a lot of money, but the pollution problem caused by paint and other materials is far from being solved by the money saved. The real WPC decking is completed through a mechanized and highly automated production line to avoid generating contaminants and make the product more environmentally friendly.

Misunderstanding 2: When buying decoration building materials, everyone will first want to ask whether WPC materials are environmentally friendly. 

Many consumers think that WPC decking made of new WPC composites contains a lot of methanol toxic substances. Actually, China has strict regulations on the amount of methanol released from WPC decking, which can be used with confidence as long as it is controlled within a reasonable range. Sundi's WPC products are tested and certified by professional institutions and meet the national environmental protection standards.

Misunderstanding 3: There is no paving service after purchasing WPC decking.

Who can install the decking after purchase? In fact, plastic wood manufacturers with good quality and reputation will usually arrange professional installers to help guide the installation and provide one-stop service for sales, paving and after-sales.

Misunderstanding 4: Big core board is added when paving.

In order to make the foot feels comfortable, many people will put a big core board on the keel. What is neglected is that its quality is generally very poor, and adding inferior big core board will have a great impact on the paving effect of WPC decking. Therefore, if you insist on adding big core board, you must choose quality one.

Ⅱ. How to find reliable plastic wood manufacturers?

At the same time, choosing a reliable plastic wood manufacturer is also very important. Now that the Internet is highly developed, most customers choose the manufacturer by browsing the product profile on the web. In this case, we recommend that customers take the following measures to verify:

1. Query the company registration information of plastic wood manufacturers through the Internet.

2. Plastic wood manufacturers can be required to issue relevant company licenses (such as business licenses, and taxpayer registration certificates).

3. Whether it is a real manufacturer and whether the company name displayed on the Internet is consistent with the name of the manufacturer that signed the contract (collecting company, actual supply).

4. See if the company can issue the corresponding product inspection report and factory certificate, and whether the company name used when issuing is consistent with the one online.

5. If it is convenient, you can come to inspect the production scale, supply capacity and quality management process of  plastic wood manufacturers.

Through the above five steps, you can have a basic understanding of the qualifications, supply capabilities and after-sales service capabilities of plastic wood manufacturers. Otherwise, once product quality problems or transaction disputes occur, there may be situations where customers have nowhere to complain or claim.

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