What Are the Advantages of Environmental WPC Flooring?

What Are the Advantages of Environmental WPC Flooring?

Environmental WPC flooring has many excellent properties. It has excellent processability, contains many chemical fibers and plastic components, and has similar properties to wood. Therefore, it has excellent production and processing characteristics, and can be made into different wood floor styles, such as wood. It can cut block wood plastic floor into small pieces.

Ⅰ. The advantages of environmental WPC flooring

You can cut it into any shape. As long as you use your imagination flexibly, you can produce and process them into a variety of beautiful products. Although the WPC floor has excellent production and processing friction resistance, it does not mean that it is not firm. On the contrary, the compressive strength of environmental WPC flooring is about 5 times stronger than that of ordinary wooden floors. It won't deform or break even if you hit it hard with a hammer. In addition to excellent production and processing characteristics, environmental WPC flooring also has excellent corrosion resistance and moisture resistance, and the service life of wooden floors is unparalleled, and its compressive strength is often praised.

This type of WPC floor perfects the characteristics of plastic and wood fibers, it has both the ductility of plastic and the bearing capacity of wood. It is not easy to bend and deform in the whole process of application, and its surface strength is three times higher than that of ordinary floors. It is used in some advanced places without wood knots or twill. These raw materials are also very resistant to acids and alkalis. You don't have to worry about the soup spilling on the floor and the floor will be corroded. Moreover, the environmental WPC flooring can be processed twice and cut or bonded, and is suitable for many different use environments.

Ⅱ. The outdoor WPC flooring of the garden

Now, more and more outdoor gardens choose a new type of green composite material to manufacture the outdoor WPC flooring. As a new material with energy-saving, environmental protection, recycling, and low carbon, "WPC" has gradually become the first choice in modern garden landscape engineering due to its unique woody feel, waterproof and moisture-proof, insect-proof, not easy to deform, long service life, rich colors, and other advantages.

The plank road or path made of beautiful and generous WPC materials is integrated with the lush green plants, which not only shows the affinity of natural wood, but also its rich colors can be coordinated with the garden landscape plants to meet the landscape designer's desire for innovation and beauty.

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