Co-extrusion Cladding

Co-extrusion Cladding


Natural surface and stable quality make the second generation composite wood wall cladding become more and more popular in the yard. Capped with high performance and moisture-resistant polymer, Co-extrusion cladding are free of stains and moisture. With full series of accessories, you will find it is a joy to install these WPC outdoor wall cladding panels.

Wall cladding is the surface of one building, just like the face of one man. Treat your wall with WPC composite wood wall panels, then you will have one wood-like and natural surface wall, which is close to nature, close to wood, but superior to wood in split and rot. WPC wall cladding/wall panel is a popular way of providing an attractive finish for any outdoor construction or building. Sundi outdoor WPC wall cladding panels offer the quality, feel and characteristics of wood, but they are more durable, and are environmentally friendly. Sundi Co-extrusion WPC Wall Cladding is the smart way to get a great-looking, long-lasting wall cladding.

As one of the most professional co extruded WPC wall panel factories in China, Sundi provides different types of cladding with aesthetic design, rich colors, quality feel, and great durability. Our composite cladding boards are suitable for both outdoor and indoor cladding. 

Features of Co-extrusion Cladding

Unique wood grain, true color and natural surface

The color and texture of the co-extruded cladding are more realistic and lasting, with rich changes and different shades. Therefore, the co-extruded cladding brings extremely high practical and ornamental value and aesthetic enjoyment to users. It is the most suitable application for outdoor facilities such as parks, green ways, seaside resorts, waterside planks, decks, home courtyards, gardens, terraces, etc. 

Durable, comfortable and safe

According to our experimental data, the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the co-extruded cladding are more than five times stronger than that of the first generation plastic wood, which can effectively prevent the damage caused by the hard object abrasion, and the co-extruded cladding uses environmentally friendly materials to make it more comfortable and safer, especially suitable for crowded occasions.

Super anti-fouling, super low maintenance

The solid outer layer of the Co-extrusion Cladding can effectively resist the penetration of colored liquids and oily liquids, making the plastic-wood surface very easy to clean, and it will last forever. This outer layer can further improve the resistance of the wood-plastic floor to sunlight, rain, snow, acid rain and sea water, without long-term maintenance, so that the wood-plastic floor has a long service life.

Traditional Wood Cladding VS Co-extrusion Cladding

Traditional Wood Cladding:

As an organic material, wood is susceptible to moisture and weathering. Even pressure-treated wood will fade quickly, and will deform as moisture penetrates and evaporates—even with regular maintenance work. It has the following disadvantages:

Poor durability: Traditional wood is prone to mildew, mildew, cracking and warping.

High cost over time: The upfront cost of traditional wood may be higher, but strict maintenance, repair and replacement will cause the cost to increase over time.

Unsustainable: Traditional wood can lead to deforestation and may require the use of harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOC) to maintain its appearance.

Co-extrusion Cladding:

Various colors and natural grains bring your unique style into the exterior wall of your home, giving you a more aesthetic enjoyment.

Use environmentally friendly materials to provide you with better protection and a more comfortable and safer experience.

You can increase the resale value of your house with using our co-extrusion Cladding.

Can help you achieve a LEED-Certified home.

PHOTOS of Co-extrusion Cladding

Co-extrusion Cladding
Co-extrusion Cladding
Co-extrusion Cladding
Co-extrusion Cladding
Co-extrusion Cladding

You will always find the wall cladding you need, because of Sundi has the most comprehensive series of wall cladding from co-extrusion panel to deep pattern panel, from traditional panel to Adamas panel, Sundi has the different producing lines to produce different generation wall cladding.

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Co-extrusion Cladding

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