What Problems Should be Paid Attention to When Laying WPC Decking on Ceramic Tiles?

What Problems Should be Paid Attention to When Laying WPC Decking on Ceramic Tiles?

With the continuous updating of floors, more and more families are no longer satisfied with the previous floors. The refurbishment has become a new problem, but it takes too much time and energy to refurbish, especially for homes that use tiled floors. It takes time, and it is much more convenient to use WPC decking. So what are the issues to pay attention to when laying WPC decking on tiles?

1. Pay attention to the skirting line: When laying the wood-plastic floor, the skirting line needs to be smoothed, because this will not make the wood-plastic floor up. If the floor is raised, it will affect the appearance.

2. The second thing we need to pay attention to is the weight-bearing problem.

Will adding another layer of wood-plastic floor to the tiled floor cause excessive weight to the floor in the house and cause it to collapse?

In fact, this situation will not happen, because the wood-plastic floor itself is very light, so it will not have an excessive load-bearing impact on the cement floor, and the stability of the house will not be damaged or affected.

3. The third problem is that if you lay tiles on the ground once and then pave a layer of the wood-plastic floor, you need to ensure that the first layer has a certain level of flatness.

We all know that the first layer of ceramic tiles can easily affect the second layer of the wood-plastic floor. If the first layer of tiles is not very flat, then the second layer of the wood-plastic floor will be affected and will tilt up accordingly.

4. The last problem is that when laying wood-plastic floors, you need to pay attention to whether there are empty drums on the tile floor. If there is a hollow drum, then the hollow drum needs to be dealt with before laying work. Otherwise, the wood-plastic floor is spread on the hollow ceramic tiles, which is prone to instability, and there will be an empty sound when stepping on it, which is not good.

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