Wide Application of Co Extrusion Composite Decking

Wide Application of Co Extrusion Composite Decking

Ⅰ. The emergence of co extrusion composite decking

With the continuous improvement of modern technology, a new generation of plastic wood materials, co extrusion plastic wood, was born in response to the market demand. The surface of the co extrusion plastic wood is evenly and firmly covered with a co extrusion layer. In addition to the physical properties of traditional plastic wood, such as mildew resistance and moth resistance, the co extrusion composite decking also has stronger abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, stain resistance, and weather resistance. The appearance is more in line with people's aesthetics and more durable.

The co extrusion layer can effectively prevent damage caused by scratches from hard objects. It is especially suitable for occasions with a large flow of people. It can effectively resist the penetration of colored liquids and oily liquids, making the plastic wood surface easy to clean and last longer. It can effectively prevent the erosion of sunlight, rain, snow, acid rain, and seawater, so that plastic wood has an extremely long service life. The color and texture of the co extrusion composite decking are more realistic and lasting, with various changes and depths, which bring users very high practical value, ornamental value, and aesthetic enjoyment. It is suitable for parks, greenways, seaside resorts, waterside planks, and decks, an excellent environmentally friendly material.

In order to cope with the harsh outdoor environment, the co extrusion composite decking material must have many different characteristics: the surface is hard enough, wear-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, tough, not easy to break, not easy to break, heat and sound insulation. And in remote areas and high-rise buildings or ground buildings, the materials also need to be lighter, reducing labor intensity and the load of the building itself.

The surface of the co-extruded composite floor is rich in color, smooth in texture, durable, and non-fading, giving people a feeling of change and vitality. The natural texture of co-extruded laminate flooring makes your home look warmer.

Ⅱ. The application of co extrusion composite decking

The co extrusion composite decking is so widely used because it has the following advantages: clear lines, simple and bright shape, natural and beautiful, plus strong weather resistance, which can withstand all kinds of bad weather, making the building look modern and simple.

The co extrusion composite decking is a new composite material that has thrived in recent years. It refers to polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride instead of the usual resin binders. More than 35% to 70% of wood flour, rice husk, straw, and other waste plant fibers are mixed into new wood and go through squeezing, molding, injection molding, and other plastic processing technologies to produce plates or profiles. With the depletion of global forest resources and the increasing awareness of national environmental protection, the plastic wood industry has developed well, and co extrusion composite decking will also be widely used in more fields besides building exteriors.

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