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WPC Decking

WPC Decking

Composite Wood Decking Manufacturer

As a professional outdoor WPC deck flooring manufacturer, Sundi has always concentrated on the production of WPC deck flooring.  Although We have dedicated ourselves to high-performance WPC decking for 10 years and become one of the top composite wood decking manufacturers, there is no end on the technology and performance of creating wood plastic composite products, we treat every client as our long cooperation friend, to decorate your yard and make it more beautiful, to make your WPC decking projects stable and more attractive. 

You will always find the decking you need here, because Sundi has the most comprehensive series of composite decking material wholesale from co-extrusion decking to deep pattern decking, from traditional decking to Adamas decking, from rubber co-extrusion decking to wood plastic composite tiles, including WPC hollow decking boards, co extrusion composite decking, traditional deck, etc.. Sundi has different production lines to produce a different generation of composite decking products.

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Benefits of Composite Decking  

Superior Product Quality:

Composite decking is durable with waterproof and high temperature resistant features. And it has strong fatigue resistance and strong bearing capacity with perfect shock absorption effect which ensure it’s not easily deformed. 

More Eco-friendly materials:

With 100% eco-friendly materials, composite decking won’t decay and it’s no need to re-painting or re-sealing without suffering from an invasion of pests compared to traditional wood and other materials.

Rich Colors, Patterns and Sizes:

We provide rich natural colors and wood grain patterns as well as sizes. And customer colors and patterns are available.

Portable installation:

Composite decking can be quickly installed out of the box without any professional tools. Once the installation is complete, almost no maintenance is required.   

Composite or PVC Decking

Composite decking uses a hybrid composite material noted for its molding ability to any shape and size. It is primarily composed of plastic fiber and natural wood. 

Advantages of using composite:

Both moisture and rot-resistant without struggling to cope with an invasion of pests.

Eco-friendly, non-corrosive, anti-bacterial and anti-warping.

Easy to install without requiring surface coating. It thereby saves cost and time.

Its sheets can be customized with print and texture.

Lightweight, durable and easy to maintain.

Cutting, nailing, drilling and finishing possible with standard carpentry tools.

Advantages of using PVC:

Technical advantages - abrasion resistance, lightweight, mechanical strength, and toughness.

Easy to process and long-lasting.

High clarity, organoleptic properties, and less carbon footprint.

Fully recyclable and non-toxic.

Cost-effective meeting all international standards of safety.

Thoroughly tested and most researched plastic.

How to Clean Composite Decking?

All outdoor composite decking need to be cleaned. Composite decking is ultra-low maintenance, but it does not mean that it is maintenance-free. Some routine cleaning will ensure the longevity of the composite decking. 

  • Dirt and debris

  • Ice and snow

  • Oil, grease, and food

  • Mold and mildew

  • Heat source and fire

  • House construction and decoration

Manufacturing Technology of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Products Download


  • Higher performance decking 1

    Higher performance decking, the Adamas WPC performance is 2-3 times better of General decking, Sundi Adamas  decking keel span can reach 80-100 CM. This is the leading technology all over the world.

  • Complete ranges and diversified surface 2

    Complete ranges and diversified surface, from General decking to Adamas decking, from Co-extrusion decking to Deep pattern decking. Here you will always find the decking you want, whatever the beautiful surface or high performance decking, so check our decking page.

  • Excellent dimensional stability 3

    Excellent dimensional stability(3-5*10) and lower water absorption rate (1%), we are the technical plant to research more technologies on WPC, from the performance to outlook, so welcome you to send us your new idea to research the new type of WPC decking.

  • Adapt higher temperature area 4

    The higher performance let Sundi decking can adapt higher temperature area or other hostile environment. Wherever you stay, Sundi WPC decking will be your best choice.

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