How to Install WPC Flooring?

How to Install WPC Flooring?

Details about the laying of WPC flooring:

1. The wpc flooring is generally preferred to be laid initially from the entrance of the room or from one wall to the other.

2. Inspect and repair the floor of the room with wpc floor. Residents living on the first floor need to know the situation of ground moisture return in the four seasons. If the moisture regains is serious, a waterproof asphalt or asphalt oil must be coated first.

3. Planning the central axis of the floor is the baseline of the floor. Especially when several rooms are laid together in the same unit, the planning of the axis is more important. Specific practices can be consulted, on-site teachers.

4. The floors laid should be carefully sorted according to the quality and the depth of the color. It has good quality and common color and should be laid on the center of the house and prominent place as far as possible, and the general on-site master will inform.

5. The preliminary point of laying the floor must be laid irregularly, smoothly and rigorously. Its preliminary point is that both the enterprise floor and the flat floor should be glued tightly.

6. When laying the floor, the four edges and four corners of each board should be kept parallel and straight with each other. There should be no mistake because the mistake will also increase with the expansion of the laying area.

7. Pay special attention to the vertical and horizontal direction of the floor grain, the size of scar joints and the amount of knife used in the planer knife when flattening floor blocks, otherwise it will cause bifurcation, cracking and uneven waves, and the effect is not good.

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