Which is Better, Hollow or Solid WPC Board?

Which is Better, Hollow or Solid WPC Board?

1. The characteristics of solid and hollow WPC boards

Different from choosing wood in the past, you may be confused when buying wood-plastic flooring: Should I choose hollow wood-plastic flooring or solid wood-plastic flooring? As a wood-plastic product manufacturer, we will introduce the difference between hollow and solid wood-plastic flooring and the characteristics of solid wood-plastic flooring.

Solid WPC panels look more like solid wood. It has greater load-bearing capacity, is suitable for placing heavy objects on the deck, and has better sound absorption performance.

The characteristics of hollow WPC board: light weight, convenient for transportation and installation.

2. The differences between the use of solid and hollow WPC boards

In appearance, the appearance of solid boards and hollow boards are similar to wood. In the choice of color, wood plastic composite cladding is more than wood board. In terms of performance, whether it is a hollow board or a solid board, the performance of the two is better than that of the traditional wood board.

In terms of material cost, since the hollow structure uses fewer materials, the price of hollow wood-plastic panels is generally lower. Solid slabs are more suitable for use in public areas with a large flow of people, and hollow slabs are suitable for private areas with small changes in temperature or humidity. So many WPC products manufacturers prefer to produce hollow WPC boards.

In general, choosing the right materials will be more helpful to your project. For more information about different decorative materials, you can contact a professional wood-plastic product manufacturer for more help.

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