WPC Solid Decking or WPC Hollow Decking?

WPC Solid Decking or WPC Hollow Decking?

According to the different types of core materials, WPC decking can be divided into solid type and hollow type. Many people are not very clear about which one is better.


1. The difference between WPC solid decking and WPC hollow decking

Although both two types produced by WPC board manufacturers are WPC decking, there are still big differences between them, which are mainly reflected in two aspects:

(1) Different forces: 

WPC solid decking requires higher forces and are suitable for outdoor use with a large flow of people; while WPC hollow decking requires less forces and are suitable for use in places with less people.

(2) Different keel materials: 

WPC solid decking is suitable for steel keel, and WPC hollow decking is suitable for plastic wood keel. However, no matter what kind of keel material is used, the optimal distance between keels is between 30cm-40cm.

2. Advantages of WPC decking

Whether it is hollow or solid WPC decking, their performance and advantages will not change: green and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled. Decking with superior texture of solid wood and waterproof and fire-protective can be seen everywhere in parks, residential properties, plank roads, hydrophilic platforms and other outdoor places.


WPC board manufacturers attach great importance to the craftsmanship when processing their products. Unlike traditional wooden flooring, plastic-wood materials are added with more polymer materials with a high-temperature shaping process, so the board is more firm and durable, with extended service life. These materials can also be recycled repeatedly, so its cost is more reasonable and it can better meet the decoration needs of modern society.

The use of WPC decking for decoration can also achieve good waterproof effects, because its materials are very stable during use and can withstand higher pressures. Moreover, the material can be protected from insects and can reduce maintenance costs. Users can also customize WPC materials according to environmental characteristics, so that they can better meet the decoration needs.


At present, the places where WPC decking is installed and used are increasing. The decorative effect of this material is very outstanding, and it can also solve more installation problems. Therefore, the application range of WPC materials will be broader in the future and will be recognized by more users.

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