WPC products Family
  • Prefab House
    1, Sundi prefab house has our own designing center, material research center and housing structure center, these three centers for prefab house is the core competitiveness of Sundi. Designing center i...
  • WPC Decking
    1. Higher performance decking, the Adamas WPC performance is 2-3 times of General decking.2. Complete ranges and diversified surface, from General decking to Adamas decking, from Co-extrusion decking ...
  • WPC Cladding
    Wall cladding is the surface of one building, just like the face of one man, treat your wall with WPC cladding, then you will have one wood-like and natural surface wall, close to nature, close to woo...
  • WPC Pergola
    With the super high performance WPC beams and the full set of accessories, we have built more than 600 pergola programs in more than 20 countries. Whatever the modern pergola or classical pergola, you...
  • Adamas Decking
    The Adamas WPC performance is 2-3 times of General decking, the keel span can be reach 80-100 CM, so you can use this decking in some special projects, such as dock decking, the hanging plank walk bet...
  • WPC Railing
    When you have one villa, when you have a house, take consideration that building railing in your yard, using the wooden like WPC, but do not need maintenance, with our full set of accessories, it is j...
Sundi is a pioneer WPC products manufacturer providing integrative solution for
WPC deck, cladding, railing, pergola and prefab house.
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Our Advantage
  • Products with Pioneer Strength on the World

    Sundi has the leading technology team all over the world, Sundi has the long cooperation with CHINESE ACADEMY OF FORESTRY, NANJING NORMAL UNIVERSITY, NANJING UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY and SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY in WPC performance and application.

  • WPC Supplier of Integrative Designing

    Sundi has the most comprehensive series of WPC in China,from one designing idea to one finished project, Sundi supplies all products and services.

  • Multiple Range Of Products Customizable

    Sundi has multiple ranges of WPC products in Decking, Co-extrusion decking, Railing, Pergola, and Prefab steel house. Sundi Adamas WPC is the world leading WPC in performance.

Adamas WPC is the super high-performance WPC, is the leading technology all over the world
  • Raw Materials Nontoxic

  • Choose Recycled PE and Wood Powder made by the leftover branch

  • No Pollution in the production process

  • No Harmful Substance Release in Use Process 

Always Green in the life cycle of our WPC products

Discover More Products
Discover More Products
WPC products Family
We devote much R&D to new tech of WPC and higher performance of WPC, so our WPC products have big advantages than many other materials.

Sundi WPC: Dedicating to be the most professional WPC manufacturer in China! Sundi has the best and biggest WPC R&D team in China, nowadays, one doctor, three postgraduates and five bachelors hold posts in R&D team, Sundi has the long corporation with CHINESE ACADEMY OF FORESTRY, NANJING NORMAL UNIVERSITY, NANJING UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY and SOUTHEAST UNVERSITY in WPC performance and application R&D.

  • 2009

    2009, Sundi set up the Baohua factory and started to produce the common WPC profiles, and began to technical innovation. 

  • 2011

    2011, Sundi set up Hongze factory. 

  • 2012

    2012, Sundi successed to produce Adamas WPC which with very high-strength.

  • 2013

    2013, Sundi set up Zhongshan factory, and joined in the "WPC innovation league", and spare no expense on technology innovation. 

  • 2015

    2015, Sundi owns more than 15 patents, and many of our star products such as Adamas WPC and Deep Pattern WPC, etc. are recognized by customers. 

  • 2017

    2017, Sundi received the international award of Green Designing and Product Innovation for our contribution to Green Designing at the World Green Design Forum in Brussels, Belgium.

  • 2018

    2018, Sundi finish to build up the 4th new Lishui Factory, which uses the special technology and advanced machine which can Auto-Feeding materials. 

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Sundi has the multiple range of WPC products with the most comprehensive test equipments. From one idea to design and profiles
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