Wood Plastic Flooring is a Decoration Material You Can

Wood Plastic Flooring is a Decoration Material You Can't Refuse

Today in the 21st century, environmental protection is the primary consideration. In the decoration industry, wood-plastic flooring integrates health and comfort, green environmental protection, fashion and beauty, and convenient decoration. It has emerged and has been welcomed by decoration companies and householders, and is widely used as outdoor deck tiles.

Traditional solid wood flooring is easy to deform and difficult to maintain. It is not moisture-proof, waterproof, or wear-resistant. And it is easy to fade and has poor stability. Its installation process is wasteful and costly. The emergence of wood-plastic flooring conforms to the new trend of environmental protection, health and energy saving. It keeps up with market demand and has high technological content, which makes people feel that it shines.

WPC flooring is developed with the concept of "environmental protection and health" and the goal of "high quality and high efficiency" to meet market demand. It is a material made by mixing and heating wood fiber and plastic. It is different from the previous floor made of wood fiber and glue. WPC flooring is waterproof and does not contain formaldehyde. It is the most thorough innovation and progress in the flooring industry.

The wood-plastic floor has good performance. It is resistant to moisture, water, acid and alkali. It is odorless, antifungal, antistatic, mothproof, and paint-free. There are two types of wood-plastic flooring, indoor and outdoor. It uses polyvinyl chloride (PE) or PVC as the main raw material, which is flame retardant and increases the safety factor of human living. It has been widely adopted in Japan, South Korea, and North America.

From the perspective of environmental protection, the choice of wood-plastic materials meets the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. And wood-plastic materials can also be waterproof, weather-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and non-deformation. In construction projects, convenient installation, reduced project cost, ready-to-install and short construction period, etc., can ensure project quality. These favorable conditions make construction enterprises have to make up their minds to use wood-plastic materials as the main materials.

The wpc decking tiles has uniform color and natural texture, showing a lifelike wood flavor and reflecting the concept of personalized decoration. Wood-plastic floor is the best product to replace solid wood floor and cement floor, and it is a kind of green environmental protection floor highly recommended by wood-plastic floor manufacturers. It overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floors that are afraid of water and have formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Fundamentally, it plays a good role in saving large amounts of forest wood, reducing pollution and maintaining ecological balance.

To sum up, the excellent properties of WPC materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration with large numbers of people and environmental protection. At present, wood-plastic flooring can be used as outdoor deck tiles for terraces, balconies, courtyards, roofs and other places.

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