The Development Prospect of Wood-Plastic Composite in China

The Development Prospect of Wood-Plastic Composite in China

The huge development space of wood-plastic composite is both an opportunity and a challenge for domestic wood-plastic composite application and processing and wood plastic composite manufacturers in china:

While vigorously developing export trade, we should also increase the promotion and popularization of domestic wood-plastic composite application market.

For wood plastic composite manufacturers in china, it is necessary to further reduce product costs and steadily improve product quality.

At the same time, manufacturers should strengthen the research and development of new products, and promote the transformation and upgrading of wood-plastic composite from decorative type to structural application type, so as to improve and possess the core competitiveness, seize the high-end market at home and abroad, maximize profits and realize industrial continuity. And it would truly let China's wood-plastic industry become the world's production and consumption power.

At present, China is facing great pressure of resource protection and environmental pollution. The characteristics of wood-plastic products such as raw material recycling, product plasticization, industrial environmental protection, application economization and low carbonization in recycling can effectively alleviate the problems above, and there is a huge space for popularization and promotion.

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