WPC Decking Board Is Deeply Loved by Scenic Areas and Private Courtyards

WPC Decking Board Is Deeply Loved by Scenic Areas and Private Courtyards

Nowadays, many parks, scenic spots, and large outdoor decorative locations, such as private courtyards of wealthy families, prefer to use WPC decking board. Compared to traditional flooring materials, what are the characteristics of this new type of WPC decking board? Why do users prefer WPC decking board?

Comprehensive Performance of WPC Decking Board

The new WPC decking board has similar properties to anti-corrosion wood flooring, being anti-corrosion, anti-mold, moisture-proof, and waterproof. Unlike anti-corrosion wood, which requires the addition of chemical agents to achieve anti-corrosion effects, WPC decking board inherently possesses the anti-corrosion properties of plastic, eliminating the need for additional chemical agents in later stages, ensuring safe and environmentally friendly use.

WPC Decking Board is Not Easily Faded

In addition to the anti-corrosion benefits, WPC decking board is also not prone to cracking, deformation, or fading. Anti-corrosion wood needs maintenance every two to three years after completion, or even complete refurbishment, which can be quite expensive both in terms of time and money. In contrast, WPC decking board does not easily fade and requires minimal time and effort for maintenance.

Reasonable Price of WPC Decking Board

Regardless of the material, price is the first consideration for users when choosing materials. However, for wood-plastic flooring, the raw materials used by different manufacturers vary, resulting in different cross-sectional states of the products and thus, significant price differences. Overall, the market price of WPC decking board is not cheap, but after 20 years of development, manufacturers of WPC decking board have gradually revealed their price advantages. With improvements in production technology and process optimization, the price of WPC decking board has become reasonable, making it accessible to more families and fields as a safe flooring option.

Strong Outdoor Adaptability of WPC Decking Board

Easy Installation

Installation is becoming easier. Nowadays, WPC decking board can be directly installed on existing ground without compressing space, making it suitable for old building renovations. Future installation and paving will become increasingly simple, possibly moving towards DIY.

Strong Outdoor Weather Resistance

Especially due to its excellent waterproof, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance, wood-plastic materials are particularly advantageous in high-salt areas by the sea. Wood-plastic profiles are easy to use and flexible in application, not only replacing the use of wood but also serving as a new, high-performance, environmentally friendly material with a very broad market prospect.

Long Service Life

The service life will become longer and longer. Currently, ordinary tiles last about 10 years, while wooden floors may only last a few years before discoloring. However, high-quality WPC decking board can last for decades, maintaining its appearance and longevity.

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