Application of WPC Decking Boards in Office and Leisure Space

Application of WPC Decking Boards in Office and Leisure Space

With the popularity of plastic-wood materials, with the appearance and good performance of wood, it has gradually begun to replace solid wood materials and even other traditional building materials, becoming the hottest profile in the current building materials market. The plastic-wood profiles include: WPC decking boards, plastic-wood wall panels, plastic-wood squares, plastic-wood slats, etc. These basic plastic-wood profiles can build various indoor and outdoor buildings under the combination of related accessories, then the wood-plastic floor What scenarios can it be applied to?

1. Office and leisure space of WPC decking boards

As a new type of building material, WPC decking boards are quickly implanted in various fields and spaces with its real solid wood texture and outstanding performance, complete specifications, and rich colors. No matter what style and production place, it can be freely matched. The busy metropolis is full of fast-paced paces. People in a hurry in the city live mechanically like robots without emotion. Whether it is work or life, they pay attention to absolute speed and efficiency. In fact, when they are tired from work, they may wish to get close to nature and relax their body and mind. People under the pressure of work are faced with the same reinforced concrete buildings, pale and boring walls, not only can not relax, but also aggravate visual fatigue.

As a result, the third space for office leisure came into being. This third space for office leisure is mainly for employees to relax, so the whole space is dominated by green plants, giving people a feeling of being close to nature. The floor is out of tune with the surrounding environment, and the solid wood floor is too perishable, so the wood plastic floor has become an excellent choice. The wood-plastic floor not only has the texture of solid wood, it is comfortable to walk on, and echoes with the surrounding green vegetation. The wood-plastic floor has the characteristics of water resistance, anti-corrosion, strong load capacity, and has a longer service life. At the same time, as a new type of environmentally friendly material, wood plastic floor can be recycled, which is in line with the current energy saving and emission reduction policy.

2. The balcony of WPC decking boards

The balcony is a window for the house to breathe. Being in a closed space for a long time can easily make people feel depressed. At this time, we need a third space that allows us to communicate with the outside world, where we can enjoy the sun, bathe in the spring breeze and relax. As a relaxing place, the balcony is suitable for green potted plants, but in this vibrant scene, it is not suitable to use too cold and rigid building materials. Therefore, wood-plastic flooring has become the preferred profile.

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