What Are the Advantages of WPC Panels?

What Are the Advantages of WPC Panels?

1. Know the WPC panel

WPC panel is a new type of environmentally friendly WPC composite material. The wood phenol produced in the process of producing high-density fiber panel is added with recycled plastic, and then it is made into WPC composite material through pelletizing equipment, and then extruded to make the WPC panels. WPC panel is a new type of environmentally friendly composite material. For high-density fiber panel, wood phenol is obtained during the processing process, and wood phenol is added to the recycled plastic, which is processed into WPC composite material using granulating equipment. Then carry out the process of extrusion molding to make WPC panel. The composite WPC material has two properties at the same time. It not only has the texture of wood, but also has the anti-corrosion and water resistance characteristics of plastic. After being manufactured into WPC panel, it has better performance and can be used as an outdoor anti-corrosion and durable building material. What are the advantages of the selection of WPC panel?

2. The advantages of WPC panel

(1) Because the WPC panel takes into account both the properties of wood and plastic, it has better moisture-proof and waterproof performance. It also solves the problems of traditional wooden flooring. If the wooden flooring material is used in a watery or humid environment, bad phenomena such as decay, swelling and deformation will occur due to moisture.

(2) There is a wider choice of colors for WPC panels. Not only does it have the texture and grain of natural wood, but the color can also be customized according to your own needs; and WPC panels are better in terms of plasticity, and diversified shapes can be fully reflected. The individual design style is fully reflected on the WPC panel.

(3) WPC panels also have a great advantage in terms of environmental performance. It does not cause any pollution or harm to the environment and can be recycled for many times. The most important thing is that the WPC panels do not contain any benzene and the content of formaldehyde is also relatively low, so it is a customized environmentally friendly material, and it also saves a lot in the amount of wood used.

(4) Because the WPC panel has good flame-retardant performance and high fire-proof level, it can be automatically extinguished in case of fire and will not produce any harmful gas; it is more convenient in installation and there is no cumbersome process in the whole project. The installation time and cost have been improved to the greatest extent; in daily use, WPC panels do not require special maintenance and repairs. The entire cleaning work is very convenient, and WPC panels save a big cost in daily maintenance, and maintenance costs in later stage are also lower.

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