How to Distinguish the Quality of WPC Products?

How to Distinguish the Quality of WPC Products?

As WPC becomes a popular material, more and more customers buy it. However, customers who do not understand the quality of WPC railing cannot identify the quality of WPC products at all after receiving the samples. So how to distinguish the quality of WPC railing? How to avoid the WPC railing of poor quality?

Ⅰ. Distinguish the quality of WPC railing

1. Identify the quality from the surface of the WPC railing: when getting the sample of the WPC railing, first of all, the customer can smell whether there is any odor. If it is irritating, it means that the quality of the raw materials purchased by the manufacturer is not good, and the quality of the raw materials is directly related to the life of the floor. Secondly, use hard objects to see whether the surface of the WPC railing is easy to rise. If it is easy to rise, it means that the strength of the WPC railing is not high and it is easy to break.

2. Identification of the wall thickness of the WPC railing: After the customer gets the sample, the wall thickness of the WPC railing can be checked. Thin-walled WPC railing has high deformation coefficient, low compressive capacity and easy cracking. Some manufacturers face price competition, and the samples they send are completely different from the wall thicknesses they produce.

3. From the price identification of WPC railing: When customers buy wood-plastic railings, they often take the price factor as the fundamental factor. In fact, this idea is wrong. The price of WPC railing is cheap, even lower than the normal market price. Such products can only be used for 1 year, and serious damage in the later period requires maintenance or even has to be bought again. And for the slightly higher price of WPC railing, its service life can reach 5 years or even longer. In this comparison, the price factor can identify the quality of the WPC railing. Sundi WPC promises to provide customers with cost-effective WPC railings all the time.

Ⅱ. The installation of WPC railing

Outdoor WPC railing has excellent performance, beautiful atmosphere, waterproof, insect-proof, moth-proof, maintenance-free, paint-free and maintenance-free, good strength retention, good anti-ultraviolet aging performance, but its structure is relatively difficult.

When installing the outdoor WPC railing, the column must be fixed firmly as required to avoid accidents in subsequent use. When installing, it is recommended to use the matching wood-plastic railing fasteners (engineering plastic injection parts) and stainless steel screws to fix. The number is determined by the actual situation, and the main determining factor is the design of the guardrail. During the paving process, the holes should be drilled first, and then the screws should be fixed.

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