The Development Trend of Wood Plastic Flooring

The Development Trend of Wood Plastic Flooring

In recent years, the development momentum of wood-plastic flooring has been strong. This is mainly because wood-plastic flooring has many advantages. Now everyone is pursuing good-quality decoration, and wood-plastic flooring with many advantages has naturally become the first choice. Let's analyze the development trend of wood plastic flooring with you.

1. High performance of the wood plastic floor

The WPC decking has low water absorption and is not easy to deform and crack; Not easy to be eaten by insects and mildew; High mechanical performance, lightweight, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, no rot, easy to clean; Strong machinability, can be sawed, planed, and nailed; The ratio of raw materials to waste resources is as high as 92%. The main raw materials have a wide range of sources and can be 100% recycled, which is in line with the industrial policy of sustainable development.

2. The rise of the strong in the wood-plastic industry

With the help of capital and technical power, leading WPC decking companies quickly formed barriers to industry development, making it impossible for more companies to surpass.

Coupled with market demand, more companies focusing on product quality have become market treasures. This is a new stage in the industry's reshuffle.

3. Labor costs have increased significantly

The demographic dividend has faded, and WPC decking processing costs and service costs have increased significantly. Especially in first-tier cities, labor costs will become one of the main cost components of the industry. For wood-plastic companies, high labor costs also have a certain impact on the core competitiveness of the company.

4. The demand for personalized products is becoming more and more obvious

This trend will continue to exist. The consumer market with the Post 90s generation as the mainstream will gradually take shape. The biggest characteristic of this part of consumers is self-pursuing and self-respect, and wood-plastic flooring driven by product personalization will become their favorite.

5. The influence of designers on the wood-plastic industry will increase

Independent designers will have more and more influence on the wood-plastic industry. Regardless of the home, garden, and outdoor markets, the participation of designers and the formation of brand effects can promote the application of wood-plastic composite materials, and designers will have a profound impact on high-end wood-plastic flooring.

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