How about Prefab Houses?

How about Prefab Houses?

Prefab houses can be regarded as the future direction of residential construction development. One of their huge advantages is the price, which is usually lower than that of traditional houses, without the risk of paying additional costs.

Prefab houses are houses built using industrialized production methods. Some key construction processes such as manufacturing are not done at the construction site, but are completed in a controllable production workshop, and then transported to the construction site, installed on the construction site, and accepted the final acceptance process. Modular House, Panelized House, Mobile Homes, even Container Homes and Shelter Hospitals all belong to the category of prefab houses.

Prefab houses were once the "Holy Grail" of American architectural design (not low-grade), which can save 20%-25% of construction costs (price advantage) and shorten the construction period by 40%-50% (time is money). The houses are stronger, more stable, and more durable.

What is the price of prefab houses? In fact, the price is relative, it depends on the material, design, location and other characteristics of the house.

So are they not cheap? Like traditional buildings, it is generally like a commodity. You can spend thousands or millions, depending on what you want, because you can customize the house according to your preferences and add all the extra stuff that you want.

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