Protecting the Living Environment Starts with Plastic Wood Panel

Protecting the Living Environment Starts with Plastic Wood Panel

In modern times, plastic wood panels can be seen in public buildings or in outdoor scenic spots and parks. People's living standards are constantly improving, and they have a certain pursuit of living environment and quality of life, which not only require visual enjoyment from aesthetics, but the products that need to be used are not harmful to the human body.

1. Understand the main production process of plastic wood panel

The main production process of plastic wood panel is made by adding auxiliary agents, such as PE powder and wood powder, and then mixing them at high speed before pressing into a shape. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, and the most important thing is that the plastic wood panel does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. Unlike traditional solid wood flooring, it needs to be fused by adding additives during the production process, which contain substances that are harmful to the human body such as hazardous formaldehyde and other substances.

The main raw materials of plastic wood panels are some plant fibers, and the available raw material resources are very wide, which can increase the utilization rate of these raw materials and protect the living environment of people. Plastic wood panel can also be recycled, which is a product that conforms to the modern society's greening and environmental protection concept.

2. Plastic wood panel is a new type of home decoration material

Plastic wood panel is a new type of home decoration material. Plastic wood panel is more suitable for outdoor decoration. Now, because of its many advantages, it is not only used for indoor background walls, but even outdoor decoration begins to have special decorative materials. It can be seen that the current living standard is really very high. The main materials of plastic wood panel are PE powder, wood powder and bamboo powder. After adding auxiliary agents, through high-speed mixing, then granulation, then using an extruder to extrude the particles into the material. The plastic wood panel is waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, insect-proof, termite-proof, and you can customize the color and shape according to your own preferences. It is also pollution-proof and fireproof. It is mostly used in the construction of outdoor platforms such as parks and villas.

Plastic wood materials are used for outdoor construction because it has its advantages. Outdoor building materials are exposed to wind, sun and rain all year round, and they will definitely end up either rust or rot, but for plastic wood panels, this is not a problem at all. Therefore, its use range is getting wider and wider, and the utilization rate is getting higher and higher. I believe that its market share will become larger and larger in the future. Nowadays, there is less and less natural greening in people's lives. People need to protect natural resources to maintain ecological balance, because the use of plastic wood panels is very beneficial.

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