The Reasons for the Popularity of WPC Railings and the Precautions for Storage

The Reasons for the Popularity of WPC Railings and the Precautions for Storage

1. What makes the WPC railing popular in the building materials industry?

The materials of WPC railings are products produced from wood materials and plastics. WPC railings are gradually emerging in the fields of decoration and building materials. The WPC railings conform to the development direction of new building materials industry featuring environmental protection, combining many advantages of plant fibers and plastic polymer materials such as high waterproof, and replacing wood in large quantities, which can effectively alleviate the contradiction of the shortage of forest resources and wood supply. It is a very promising low carbon, green and renewable plastic wood material. WPC railing is a new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving composite material, which is a substitute for wood. It will be the future trend. It has the characteristics of plastics, so this material has a good elastic modulus, good rigidity and toughness, but will not be deformed and is resistant to cracking.

The most obvious advantage of WPC railings is high plasticity. Because of its raw materials, people can process and transform it according to their own needs, which is very simple. WPC railings are particularly decorative. Since it is a wooden material with many patterns, the guardrail will be very beautiful. You can also paint it in different colors, choose your favorite color according to your needs. You can also customize your favorite patterns and colors in advance, which is especially convenient. Due to the special processing of the WPC railing, it can be said that there are no major problems and no maintenance. It is particularly simple and convenient, which can save us a lot of costs. The WPC railing is a particularly practical product.

2. Precautions for storage of WPC railings

(1) The water absorption effect of plastic wood material is very low, so it is suitable for use in bridges, plastic wood and wood. In order to facilitate transportation and installation, and reduce the weight of plastic, wood and WPC railings can be stored in foam packaging.

(2) The processing method of plastic wood is mainly by heating the plastic wood and then deforming and bending it. The bending of plastic wood has a certain limit, so it cannot be bent too much, otherwise it will only cause damage to the plastic wood. When storing, it should be placed on a relatively smooth ground to avoid friction and scratches on the WPC railings.

(3) In order to prevent deformation, the cross-plastic wood should be placed on a flat ground. These WPC railings should also be packaged, placed, and handled carefully, and put in a ventilated place, so that the WPC railings will not get moldy.

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