Maintenance and Social and Economic Benefits of WPC Fences

Maintenance and Social and Economic Benefits of WPC Fences

With the improvement of ecological and environmental protection in big cities, and the diversity of ways to develop and design urban landscaping, WPC fences have emerged from time to time. Its decorative design is simple and environmentally friendly, and has been widely used, which will become the keynote of future urban landscaping. So how to maintain the WPC fence and its social and economic benefits?

Ⅰ. Maintenance and social and economic benefits of WPC fences

Maintenance of wood plastic fence:

1. The bumps and scratches between the sharps and the wooden floor should be minimized.

2. To prevent the painting of architectural coatings from detaching and fading the raw materials of the WPC fence panel, which will affect the overall appearance.

3. When eradicating the stains on the surface of the WPC fence, it can be wiped with a soft cloth after moistening it with air. When eradicating the dust on the fence, when the soft cotton cloth is not used to wipe, in order to maintain the gloss and service life of the board surface, it should be cleaned and dusted in time.

Socio-economic benefits of WPC fence:

1. Environmental protection performance: Eco-environmental protection board, can be regenerated, has no toxic substances, risky ingredients, additives, etc., it is not easy to cause environmental pollution and air pollution, can be 100% purchased, reused, re-produced, processed and applied, and can also be degraded.

2. Shape and layering: It has the shape and layering of wood. It is more reliable than wood specifications, has no wood knots, is not easy to cause cracks, shrinkage, and deformation, and the products can be made into a variety of shades.

Ⅱ. The application of WPC fence in the ecological park

In recent years, the construction of ecological agriculture is in full swing. As a new type of outdoor building materials, WPC fences have won the full trust of customers in the ecological agriculture industry. Ecological agriculture, with the concept of nature and ecology, attracts people living under the pressure of cities to go to the agricultural industrial park for sightseeing and play.

The large and small agricultural industrial parks built in various places are overcrowded during the holidays. In order to attract customers, smart farm operators put great effort into creating a one-stop experience point integrating leisure and entertainment in the leisure area. In order to get close to the ecology and nature, the farm will build various landscapes for sightseeing outdoors. Because of its excellent characteristics, WPC fences are used by many users. Traditional outdoor building materials are prone to discoloration and cracking, and the maintenance cost is relatively high, which seriously affects the feelings of tourists. The WPC fence has a long service life, no discoloration, bright colors, novel shapes, strong look and feel, and new materials, etc., which have been affirmed by customers and farms.

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