What are the Advantages of Wood Plastic Flooring?

What are the Advantages of Wood Plastic Flooring?

Wood-plastic flooring is a kind of popular outdoor deck tiles in recent years. It uses wood as the base material. Wood, plastic, processing aids, etc. are stirred and mixed evenly, and then heated and extruded by a mold to make wood-plastic flooring. Wood-plastic flooring has the characteristics of wood-plastic and plastic flooring, and has achieved many unimaginable decoration effects. So, what are the advantages of wood plastic flooring?

1. Because the wood-plastic floor takes into account both the properties of wood and plastic at the same time, it has good moisture-proof and waterproof performance. However, if the traditional wooden floor is used in a watery or humid environment, it will rot or swell and deform due to moisture.

2. There is a wider choice of colors for wood-plastic flooring. It not only has the texture of natural wood, but the color can also be customized according to your own needs. The plasticity of the wood-plastic floor is better. The diversified shape is fully reflected and the individual design style is more vividly reflected on the floor.

3. WPC wood decking also has a great advantage in environmental protection. It has no pollution or harm to the environment and can be used repeatedly. The most important thing is that the wood-plastic flooring does not contain any benzene and the formaldehyde content is relatively low. It is a customized environmentally friendly material, which also saves a lot in the amount of wood used.

4. Because wood-plastic floor has better flame retardant performance and higher fire rating, it can be automatically extinguished in case of fire without generating any harmful gas. It is more convenient in installation. There is no cumbersome process in the whole project, which has greatly improved the installation time and cost. WPC flooring does not require special maintenance and repair in daily use. The whole cleaning work is very convenient. Therefore, it saves a lot of money in the daily maintenance of wood plastic flooring, and its later maintenance costs are also lower.

Wood-plastic flooring is considered to be a high-quality alternative to traditional wooden flooring and can be used on terraces, balconies, courtyards, roofs and other places. Moreover, the price of WPC wood plastic is cheaper than that of other flooring, so it is very suitable for outdoor deck tiles.

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