Eco WPC Products: Characteristics and Coverage

Eco WPC Products: Characteristics and Coverage

The eco WPC composite material used in eco WPC products combines the characteristics of wood and plastic, possessing the following excellent properties:

  • Resistant to insect infestation, corrosion, aging; low water absorption, does not deform when absorbing water, and has a long lifespan;

  • Appearance similar to wood material, better dimensional stability than wood, does not crack, warp, or have wood scars; has secondary processing characteristics similar to wood, can be cut, glued, and fixed with hardware connectors;

  • The surface of eco WPC products is smooth, flat, and sturdy, and can be pressed into three-dimensional patterns and other shape requirements. Various colorants or films can be added to produce colorful eco WPC products with good decorative effects. (4) Higher hardness than plastic, processability of thermoplastics, can be reused and recycled, also biodegradable, environmentally friendly (see attached table of the physical properties of eco WPC composite materials).

Eco WPC Products: Outdoor Furniture

Due to the excellent weather resistance and strong aging resistance of eco WPC product composites, eco WPC furniture has a long service life outdoors. From an economic perspective, eco WPC products have low material loss, do not require painting, and are maintenance-free. Therefore, eco WPC outdoor furniture has been recognized by many countries and is gradually replacing wood in outdoor furniture use.

Eco WPC Products: Eco WPC Decorative Moldings, Panels, and Wall Panels

Eco WPC decorative moldings and panels have all the installation properties of wood moldings and panels and do not contain formaldehyde, being a green and environmentally friendly material. These eco WPC products have passed the national environmental protection department's inspection, completely solving the problem of renovation pollution and toxic gases. The decorative wood texture is strong and can print out various tree species' colors and wood grains, eliminating the trouble of color difference.

Eco WPC Products: Eco WPC Flooring

In the international market, polymer eco WPC flooring, regarded as an innovative technology of the 21st century, brings together healthy and comfortable living, green and environmental protection, stylish appearance, and convenient decoration. It quickly gained popularity among decoration companies and homeowners, becoming a leading option for interior decoration. As a type of composite flooring, eco WPC products have excellent performance, being moisture-resistant, water-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant, odorless, anti-fungal, anti-static, insect-proof, paint-free, and are used not only in homes but also in some public places.

Eco WPC Products: Eco WPC Doors and Windows

The production of eco WPC door and window profiles holds an important position in the use of eco WPC plastic composite materials. Eco WPC doors and windows feature quick-assembly structures, saving installation time and effort. Various wood grain films such as cherry wood, beech wood, and ash wood can be printed on the surface of eco WPC doors, with different color options. These eco WPC products have a realistic solid wood feel and also possess characteristics such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, insect resistance, mold resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame resistance, and environmental friendliness (free of formaldehyde).

The above is just a glimpse of the application of eco WPC composite materials in the furniture and interior decoration industry. As a new type of composite material, eco WPC products have brought new opportunities to the furniture and interior decoration industry. Due to the lack of adverse effects on the human body and the environment and meeting the requirements of sustainable development, it will become the mainstream and direction of development. However, we also notice that there are still some issues to be resolved with eco WPC composite materials, such as surface scratch resistance, creep resistance, and special connectors for eco WPC composite materials, which require interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration to achieve.

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