Comparison With Wood And Other WPC

Comparison With Wood And Other WPC

Because of added with alloy technology, Sundi Adamas WPC achieved higher impact strength, higher modulus and higher dimensional stability, at the same time, with alloy technology cover the wood powder and plastic, Sundi Adamas WPC has lower water absorption rate and lower thermal expansion which made Sundi Adamas WPC can be used in special areas some other WPC products can not be used in.

Advantages in performance

  • High bending strength

  • High textile strength

  • More impact-resistance

  • Low expansion rate

  • Low water absorption rate

  • Saving the auxiliary, saving labor and time

The performance comparison table of Sundi Adamas WPC and Common WPC:


Bending failure load (N)

Bending strength(MPa)


Distortion temperature(℃)

Expansion rate(*10-5K-1)

Creep recovery rate(%)

24h water absorption(%)

Fastener holding test (N)

Common WPC2500-300022-254.5-860-705.5-12750.8-1.22000-2500
Adamas WPC D series3000-400026-356-1260-805.5-8750.62500-3000
Adamas WPC H series5000-650045-5512-2285-1004-5.5800.63000-3800
Adamas WPC S series5000-650045-5515-2295-1103-5.5850.63800-4500