Precautions for Installing Wood-plastic Railings

Precautions for Installing Wood-plastic Railings

Wood-plastic railings that imitate wood but are better than wood, more and more appear beside you and me. It can be seen in the park area, courtyard garden, road and riverside. With its excellent anti-corrosion and anti-mildew effect and non-fading and non-deformation quality, it has conquered the public who love outdoor scenery. So, what should we pay attention to when installing WPC railings?

1. Draw lines based on calculations, and the accuracy of calculations should be high.

2. Combine manually and mechanically to open various tenons. For railings with radian requirements, the angle of the tenon must be calculated. Pay attention to the symmetrical transition.

3. Some railings can be installed on the ground. When installing, pay attention to protect the surface of wood plastic material from scratches.

4. When installing, ensure the beauty while ensuring the strength.

5. Pay attention to the beauty of the flower plate of the railing, and try not to expose the screw holes.

6. When fixing wood plastic columns, it is generally not recommended to embed them directly in concrete. A galvanized square tube with a diameter of 1-2 mm slightly smaller than the wood-plastic column can be welded with steel plate into an inverted T shape, then fixed on the concrete floor with expansion bolts, and then the wood-plastic column is sleeved. In addition, the waist of the wood-plastic column can be rotated and penetrated to the lined steel pipe with a tail screw to ensure stability.

7. The distance between conventional WPC railings (guardrail span) is about 1.5 meters. Try not to exceed 2 meters to avoid potential safety ricks due to large spans.

8. When inserting the handrails with injection-molded connectors, use an extended bit to avoid injury or damage to the injection molded parts by rotating the drill bit when installing the connectors. The distance between wood-plastic handrails is generally controlled at about 0.8 meters.

9. When connecting small square pillars with injection-molded inner joints, make sure that the wood-plastic small square pillars are on a horizontal straight line, otherwise it will affect the overall aesthetics of the WPC railing. The spacing of small wood-plastic square pillars is generally controlled within 0.2 meters.

10. When making connections between any wood-plastic materials, a gap of 2 mm must be reserved for the material to expand or contract when exposed to heat or coldness.

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