Application of Wood-plastic Materials

Application of Wood-plastic Materials

Wood-plastic materials contain plastics and thus have a good elastic modulus. Additional, because wood-plastic materials contain fiber and are mixed with plastic adequately, they have the same physical and mechanical property as hardwood, such as compressive, anti-bending. And its durable sex is better than material of common woodiness apparently. Their surface hardness is high, which is 2-5 times than that of wood generally.

The wood plastic material also solves the problem that the wood is obsolete once it is used. After being eliminated, the wood plastic products can be smashed back to the furnace and manufactured into new products. Repeated processing meets people's desire for wood recycling.


Wood plastic materials can be used in many aspects, such as wood plastic composite exterior wall cladding, decorative hanging board, outdoor floor, wood plastic guardrail, plastic steel Pavilion, garden guardrail, balcony guardrail, leisure bench, flower rack, air conditioning rack, shutter, etc.

The wood plastic material which is very similar to the appearance of wood is one of the typical materials that can be recycled. The raw material of wood plastic material is plastic wood powder. Its processing technology can also ensure environmental protection: by means of extrusion, molding and injection technology, a solid wood plastic material (such as wood plastic composite exterior wall facing, decorative hanging plate, etc.) can be formed.

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