Notes for Installation of Plastic Wood Railings

Notes for Installation of Plastic Wood Railings

Superior performance of plastic wood railings, more and more of them appear in parks, gardens, roads and riversides. It conquers the public who love outdoor landscape with its antiseptic and mildew proof effect and stable, non-fading and deformation resistance quality.

When installing plastic wood railings, the following considerations should be taken into account.

1. When fixing plastic wood column, it is generally not recommended to directly embedded in concrete. The galvanized square pipe with a diameter slightly smaller than that of the plastic wood column can be welded with the steel plate into an inverted T-shape, and then fixed on the concrete floor with expansion bolts.

In addition, at the waist of the plastic wood column, the drill tail screw can be used to rotate and penetrate the inner steel pipe to ensure the stability; the spacing between the conventional plastic wood columns (guardrail span) is 1.5 meters, try not to exceed 2 meters, so as to avoid potential safety hazards due to excessive shaking of span.

2. When using the injection connector to insert the handrail, the extended batch head shall be used to avoid the drill bit rotating and bumping or damaging the injection part when installing the connector. The distance between plastic wood handrails is generally controlled at about 0.8 meters.

3. When connecting the small square columns with injection molded connectors, it is necessary to ensure that the small square columns are in a horizontal straight line, otherwise the overall appearance of the plastic wooden guardrail will be affected.

4. When making connection between any plastic and wood profiles, a 2mm gap must be reserved for the thermal expansion or cold contraction of the material.

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