Wood Plastic Composite Desking Has Large Recycling Rate and Wide Application Range

Wood Plastic Composite Desking Has Large Recycling Rate and Wide Application Range

Industry insiders generally believe that wpc decking is a new construction material, which is in line with the people's purposes of the pursuit of sustainable development and the advocate of the green low-carbon environmental protection. Wood plastic composite desking has two characteristics of the plastic: water-resistant and anti-corrosion and texture of wood. It can be used in landscape, interior and exterior wall decoration, floor, guardrail, flower pond, pavilion and other places. The service life of wood-plastic composite desking is several times that of ordinary wood, and the color can also be adjusted according to the formula.


Compared with the traditional board, the advantage of the wood-plastic composite desk is that it can protect the environment well, save wood, which is beneficial to protect the ecological environment, and do not need paint, which can avoid environmental pollution, and recycle after scrap, which will not reduce the secondary pollution. Mr. Liu, Vice President of some company, said that the water absorption of plastic wood decking is lower than that of wood, and it is resistant to acid rain, seawater corrosion, insect and rat bites, so its service life is three times to ten times than that of ordinary wood.


Wood plastic composite decking also has a major feature, that is, it can be fully recycled for sustainable use. After the closing of EXPO, some wood-plastic products in the park have also been transplanted to other areas for recycling. With the increasing tension of domestic forest resources and the increasing tendency of world timber prices, the advantages of wood-plastic composites have gradually emerged.


In theory, the service life of wood plastic composite decking can reach 30 years, but the average service life of wood-plastic composite decking in various countries is about 10-15 years due to various limitations of the conditions. At present, natural wood resources are decreasing all over the world, but the market demand for wood products is increasing. In the future, this huge demand will eventually open the door of the market of China wood plastic composite decking.

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