How to Maintain the Cleanliness of WPC Decking?

How to Maintain the Cleanliness of WPC Decking?

Understanding the WPC decking

Wood-plastic composite materials have become very popular in the building materials market in recent years, especially WPC decking. As a type of polymer composite material, wood-plastic composite materials retain the appearance of natural wood while possessing characteristics such as waterproofing, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, termite resistance, anti-slip properties, and recyclability. They are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, effectively protect forest resources, and reduce construction waste. Wood-plastic composite materials also have the same characteristics as wood, such as sawing, planing, nailing, and drilling. They require no subsequent maintenance, thus reducing maintenance costs in the long run. In summary, the rapid popularity of wood-plastic composite materials is an inevitable trend.

With increasing environmental awareness around the world and the continuous depletion of forest resources, the emergence of wood-plastic composite products has solved an urgent problem. WPC decking is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring made from plastic and wood fiber composite materials. It can be said to have the performance of both materials and has a longer service life. However, in daily use, it is inevitable that there will be some bumps, scratches, or dust accumulation. So how to maintain the cleanliness of WPC decking? Let us learn about it together and keep our WPC decking as good as new for over ten years.

Methods of maintaining the cleanliness of the WPC decking

Obvious Stains and Scratches on the Flooring

For obvious stains and scratches on WPC decking, ordinary mops may not effectively remove stains. Therefore, we can use soap, brushes with harder bristles, and hot water to clean the dirt on the flooring. Afterwards, wipe the flooring with clean water.

Grease Accumulation

It is inevitable that some grease or pen marks will appear on the flooring during home use. At this point, we can use some specially-formulated grease removers or cleaners to remove the stains, but remember to wipe the flooring with clean water afterwards to prevent slipping or damaging the flooring. If soap water or bleaching agents are not effective in removing chalk marks, it may be possible that there is talcum powder on the WPC decking.

WPC decking is a new type of composite, eco-friendly, green material. It has excellent properties such as waterproofing, fire resistance, insect resistance, and can be recycled. Therefore, its service life is comparatively long. In daily life, only by maintaining or keeping the WPC decking clean can it be used for a long time and still look beautiful. However, because of its good performance, WPC decking does not need frequent maintenance.

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