WPC Decking Boards Can Improve the Level of Engineering Safety

WPC Decking Boards Can Improve the Level of Engineering Safety

When it comes to WPC decking boards, the labels we give are often new materials, recyclable, waterproof, environmental protection, etc., the performance of WPC decking boards, but after you understand the performance of wood-plastic materials, have you thought about these performances for the entire project? The level of security it brings.

The performance indicators that wooden floors play a role in safety performance are mainly concentrated on which performance?

1. The environmental protection level of WPC decking boards

As we all know, the plastic wood material is a recyclable and environmentally friendly building material, which can effectively reduce the waste of resources, protect the global environment, and put aside energy saving and emission reduction. The plastic wood material does not contain chemical additives such as formaldehyde and benzene. There is also no need for paint maintenance, so the wood-plastic floor will not cause harm to the human body during use.

2. Fire retardant, anti-moth-eaten, acid and alkali resistance of WPC decking boards

The SGS testing agency has test data on the flame retardant index of the plastic-wood material. When a good plastic-wood material is burned by a fire, there will be no falling objects, no new fire source, and the flame retardant grade will reach B1 level. Whether it is used in the wild forest or on the balcony of the home, the wood-plastic floor is not afraid of fire hazards.

Solid wood materials are easy to rot and deteriorate outdoors, usually due to the breeding of bacteria, the gnawing of insects and ants, and the acid and alkali erosion of rainwater. Toxic substances such as formaldehyde. The wood-plastic floor is made of high-quality raw materials and expensive imported additives. The floor has no chemical pollution, and is anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant, and will not rot and damage when used outdoors.

3. The solid and wear-resistant WPC decking boards

The wood-plastic floor adopts PVC co-extrusion process and micro-foaming and non-foaming technology. The floor is rigid on the outside and tough on the inside, the surface is firm and wear-resistant, the internal toughness is full, and the impact resistance is strong. Even if a heavy vehicle is pressed over, the floor will not appear. Deformation damage. In major scenic parks and municipal streets, the flow of people is huge, and the anti-wear and load-bearing capacity of the floor is very high. Once it can't bear it, there will be accidents such as collapse. Wood-plastic floors are found in major scenic spots. While adding luster to the scenic spots, the quality and safety have also been tested by the best.

When choosing a floor, the first consideration is safety, then its practicality, and then the degree of aesthetics. WPC not only has the appearance of solid wood, but also has practical and safe performance. Time is the only way to test the quality of WPC. Standard wood-plastic flooring, which is not afraid of any outdoor environment, has escorted major scenic parks for many years.

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