Chic WPC Decking

Chic WPC Decking

I believe many people have noticed that most of the scenic spots and parks are now built with wood-plastic materials. For example, the plank roads, railings and round stools that have more contact with people, most of the raw materials of these buildings have been changed to wood plastic.

1. Use WPC decking in garden landscape

As an important part of today's garden landscape, wood-plastic floor paving has become an indispensable decorative part of the hydrophilic platform and private courtyard leisure places in the garden landscape. It is precisely because of this that the unique plastic wood creates a unique landscape.

The reason why WPC decking is widely loved by people is first of all because of the humanization of WPC decking pavement design. The pavement void structure of the wood-plastic floor has good drainage and permeability, the surface does not accumulate dust, and it is clean and easy to clean. Appearance groove design increases the coefficient of friction when stepping on it, prevents slipping and other safety accidents caused by inadvertent stepping, and protects the elderly and children well.

The scenic spot of the wood-plastic floor platform is built on the basis of the mountain or terrain environment. In terms of high use value, the wood-plastic floor has a long service life. Once installed, it requires no maintenance forever. Even if it is removed, it can still be re-paved without affecting the material properties at all.

Wood-plastic floor is not only the material used for ground paving, but also suitable for various construction applications. For private courtyard decoration, wood-plastic floor can not only be used as the laying of garden paths, but also can be used to make various courtyard leisure sketches and outdoor furniture. .

2. The high-quality performance of WPC decking

Physical properties: The finished wood plastic floor has good strength, high hardness, anti-skid, wear-resistant, no cracking, no moth-eaten, low water absorption, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, antistatic and ultraviolet rays, insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant.

Processing performance: WPC, the raw material of WPC floor, has the secondary processability of wood, and the construction and installation of various profiles are fast and convenient. Through conventional operations, it can be processed into various facilities and products.

Appearance and texture: The finished product has the natural appearance and texture of wood, which has better dimensional stability than wood, no wood knots, no cracks, warping, and deformation. The product can be made into a variety of colors, and the surface does not need secondary paint Long-lasting freshness and no fading.

Environmental performance: The finished wood-plastic floor does not contain toxic substances, dangerous chemical components, preservatives, etc., no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances are released, and will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution, and can be 100% recycled and reprocessed. Also biodegradable.

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