Sundi's Outdoor Flooring Helps You Utilize Every Inch of Backyard Land

Economical and Sustainable

The design concept of Sundi's floor is committed to achievable environmentally friendly design materials and decoration.

The flooring is made of recycled wood and recycled plastic, which gives it its environmentally friendly and sustainable qualities. Compared to wooden floors, it saves costs over time. Wooden floors typically require regular maintenance and may need to be replaced after 5-10 years.


Simple and Effective Design

Walk directly from the house to the garden without any steps. The bottom of the door is level with the floor and a wide step is added at the back of the garden. This means a much closer connection between the garden and the house, becoming a space on sunny days.

Make full use of Sundi's floor

Add a large outdoor sofa and a coffee table. This is a huge area that all friends can enjoy! "Sit down, relax and entertain."

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