The WPC Decking Boards in the Courtyard of the Home Can Also Be Laid on the Port Terminal

The WPC Decking Boards in the Courtyard of the Home Can Also Be Laid on the Port Terminal

With the popularity of WPC decking boards, ranging from the renovation of municipal features, well-known scenic spots, to personal balconies, more and more places have begun to appear in WPC decking boards, and this new material has gradually begun to transition from "new" to hot, And then into thousands of households to be known by people.

1. Decorate your home garden with WPC decking boards

The courtyard is a few tens of deep, and the courtyard plays a soft beauty in the house construction. The courtyard is usually dominated by vegetation, flowers and plants, which reconcile the role of yin and yang. Due to the existence of plants, under the sunlight, the courtyard will present a virtual and real beauty of interlaced light and shadow. When decorating the courtyard, what kind of floor should we use? The traditional stone floor gives people a cold feeling, and the furniture courtyard is often not too large. The stone is time-consuming and laborious to cut, and it will slip in rainy days, causing potential safety hazards.

As an environmentally friendly and recyclable material that is taken from nature and gives back to nature, wood-plastic floor has the appearance and texture of wood, and the touch is friendly and natural. At the same time, wood-plastic floor is waterproof, flame-retardant, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and has a long service life. In addition, the floor profile itself is rigid on the outside and tough on the inside, and has strong impact resistance, just like the whole traditional Chinese architecture, which changes naturally and harmoniously. Whether considering the appearance of the floor and the quality of the profiles, or from the layout design concept of traditional buildings, WPC decking boards are most suitable for use in small gardens such as courtyards.

2. The WPC decking boards laid on the port terminal

As a new type of technological and environmentally friendly building materials, wood-plastic flooring has been developing in China for more than ten years. Although it is an emerging industry, its development speed is also changing with each passing day. Plastic floors go outdoors.

With the development of the plastic wood industry and the continuous advancement of technology and craftsmanship, the application scope of plastic wood materials will become wider and the limitations will become smaller and smaller. It has gradually become common for WPC decking boards to be used indoors in outdoor garden landscapes, and even a little capable manufacturer can do it, but the specific performance in the outdoors varies depending on the manufacturer's technology.

Although many manufacturers have gradually begun to transfer their WPC decking boards from indoors to outdoors, few manufacturers dare to use WPC decking boards in coastal ports, port terminals and other areas with long-term humidity and strong acidity and alkalinity. Due to the relationship between the plastic components of the wood-plastic floor, it is easy to achieve the purpose of waterproofing, but the wood-plastic floor can maintain a new look after being in the seawater with strong acid and alkali for a long time, which puts forward high expectations for the quality of the wood-plastic floor and the manufacturing process.

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