How Long is the Service Life of WPC Fence?

How Long is the Service Life of WPC Fence?

Ⅰ. What is the service life of the WPC fence?

When we buy a product, we all care about how long its service life is. For us, we don't want to update a product within a year or two after purchasing a product, which is not only very troublesome, but also very wasteful. cost. So what is the service life of the wood plastic fence? What factors will be affected?

1. Wood plastic material. Generally speaking, the service life of the WPC fence is directly related to the quality of the wood-plastic material. The price of inferior WPC is very low, and the basic technology is also very poor, for example, some PE is used, or there are very few additives. For people who don't know much about WPC, there is no difference in the appearance of WPC, but its service life is very short, basically not more than a few months or a year or two. Aging will occur.

2. The process is different. Secondly, the service life of the WPC fence is also very different from its production process. For example, when we choose the WPC fence, it will also adopt some special processes, such as extrusion, molding, etc. Since wood plastic has the characteristics of natural fibers and plastics, its water absorption performance is also particularly good. For some really good wood plastics, there will be no problems for 30-50 years.

3. The price is different. In addition, when we choose WPC fences, we will also look at the differences in their prices. When many users make choices, they will first consider whether the price is suitable, in fact, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the quality of the product is well guaranteed.

Ⅱ. The advantages of WPC fence

The wood plastic fence has both decorative and protective functions. WPC fences can replace traditional cement, stone, anti-corrosion wood and other products. While meeting the performance requirements, we can provide you with customized solutions of various colors, various application environments and various shapes. And it has the characteristics of maintenance-free, which greatly reduces the cost of use and maintenance. The wood-plastic fence is highly fireproof, can be processed, and requires no maintenance; it is simple to install, convenient to construct, does not require complicated construction processes, and saves installation time and costs; it is sound-absorbing and energy-saving, with good sound-absorbing effect, good energy-saving, and indoor energy saving up to 30%.

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