Indoor to Outdoor Bridge: Yading Wood

Indoor to Outdoor Bridge: Yading Wood

Nanjing Xuhua Sundi's co-extruded floor-Yading wood is easy to plan a good design scheme, including flower pots, tree spaces, swimming pools, pool houses, and sheds. Make the space modern, innovative, and more suitable for family life. Create an extended space for the home with a warm modern style.


The neutral light-colored Yading wood outdoor floor achieves a match between indoor and outdoor, which achieves a sense of flow from indoors to outdoors.

Choose Sundi's Yading wood outdoor floor for longer service life. The floor is very durable... and super easy to install, efficient and beautiful, with high scratch resistance. It is also easy to maintain functionally and stains can be removed immediately.

Use LED light strips installed on the edge  Yading wood with soft light makes people more comfortable  It is a good way to maximize the outdoor available space! It improves the atmosphere during both day and night.

If you want to rearrange your yard, use Yading wood to create a relaxing space where almost anything is possible.

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