Overcoming Challenges Together! The Fiber Composite Materials Recycling Sub-Committee Visits Our Company for Inspection and Research

Overcoming Challenges Together! The Fiber Composite Materials Recycling Sub-Committee Visits Our Company for Inspection and Research

On June 15, 2020, Secretary General Zhang Rongqi of the Recycled Fiber Composite Materials Sub-Council led a group of people including Director Yu Xuejun of the Henan Academy of Sciences, General Manager Liu Haidong of Shandong Dezhou Century Weinpeng, and Minister Cao Zhentao of Chongqing Chongtong Group to visit our company. They visited and learned about the production line and application of wood-plastic products, as well as the application of wood-plastic products in prefabricated buildings. At the same time, they discussed the technical route, cooperation model, and implementation steps of the project that combines composite solid waste with wood-plastic products for recycling and reuse.

During the visit, Mr. He Jun, the company's general manager, first led everyone to visit the actual application cases of prefabricated buildings and outdoor pavilions and explained the materials used and their characteristics and advantages, such as fire and moisture resistance, insulation, and environmental friendliness. He also mentioned that the current product range covers various aspects such as indoor assembled wall panels and outdoor flooring. Our company has a design team that can carry out independent design and construction according to different customer requirements.


Subsequently, the accompanying personnel visited the workshop to inspect its production environment and the entire production line of the products. They learned about the production process and methods of the boards and gained in-depth understanding of the materials and functions of the various layers of the building walls. They also witnessed other products such as hollow/solid floors, columns, crossbars, and galleries.


After the visit, the relevant personnel held discussions and exchanges in the conference room. Mr. Li Jing, the chairman of Xuhua Sundi, attended the meeting and participated in the discussions throughout. They discussed technical feasibility, process implementation, cost control, product performance, product design, and production line transformation related to the addition of recycled fiberglass and powder to wood-plastic products. Chairman Li believed that the technical details and product process experiments should be further refined first, and then cooperation with relevant solid waste treatment enterprises should be carried out to complete the verification work including process, performance testing, product design, cost estimation, and equipment mold transformation. Based on the market acceptance and project benefits, further discussions will be conducted in the next step.

Finally, Secretary General Zhang made a brief summary of the meeting, clarifying the idea that experimentation and verification come first, followed by production line operation and cooperation model. At the same time, it was proposed that in order to solve the solid waste treatment problems in the composite materials industry as soon as possible, it is necessary to develop an experimental plan and goals as soon as possible and complete the relevant experimental contents early for faster transformation. The visit and investigation ended successfully, and Sundi will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, vigorously expand domestic and foreign markets, and contribute to China's circular economy!

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