Reasons for Choosing WPC Wall Cladding and Purchasing Tips

Reasons for Choosing WPC Wall Cladding and Purchasing Tips

1. Why should you choose WPC wall cladding?

WPC wall cladding is made of natural wood powder as raw material, added with polyethylene plastic, and then added with some necessary chemical additives. It is extruded by professional wood-plastic extrusion equipment under high temperature and high pressure.

Relatively speaking, the service life of WPC wall cladding will be longer than that of solid wood. Its biggest feature is waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof and ant-proof, so it effectively solves the problem of easy rot, expansion and deformation after absorbing water in humid and watery environments, and can be used in environments where traditional wood products cannot be used. The color system of wood-plastic wall panels is very rich, so there is a lot of room for users to choose, and at the same time, they can customize the required colors according to their own preferences, fully reflecting the personalized style, especially some young people, they like it very much. way of decoration.

Judging from the materials currently selected by the public, most of them pay more attention to the environmental protection performance of the products, while the WPC wall cladding does not contain benzene, and the formaldehyde content is 0.2 mg/L, which is lower than the EO level standard, which is the European environmental protection standard and can be recycled. For the installation of WPC wall cladding, there is no need for overly complicated processes, which effectively saves operation time and cost. At the same time, its machinability is very good. For example, it can be easily realized by ordering, planing, sawing, drilling, etc. The sound absorption effect is good, and the energy saving performance is good, so that the indoor energy saving is as high as 30%.

2. The purchase tips of WPC wall cladding

WPC wall cladding is a new type of building decoration material. It uses natural wood powder as raw material, adds polyethylene plastic, and then adds necessary chemical additives. Under high temperature and high pressure, it is extruded by professional wood-plastic extrusion equipment, suitable for drilling, planing, nailing, sawing, laminating, printing and other wood construction methods; It has good deformation and flame retardancy, and can be recycled and reused.

A quality WPC wallboard product with a flawless, shiny finish and, importantly, no fading. In addition to the requirements on color and luster, the surface of the plate must also achieve no expansion and no ripples; in terms of wind resistance, the static test pressure of the plate needs to reach 780MPa; under three different climatic environments of dry heat, humid heat and northern climate There will be no peeling, chipping and peeling after exposure for half a year, one year or two years.

In addition, with the continuous development of the WPC wall cladding market, in addition to paying attention to the above points, consumers have higher and stricter requirements for the variety, function and use of WPC wall cladding. Therefore, people's awareness of the brand will also increase day by day.

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