Sundi Wpc

Sundi Wpc's Guarantee

1. Sundi WPC will provide the WPC superior to industry standard and national standard.

2. Sundi will take responsibility as a resource recycling company, and apply ourselves to use the recycled plastic and wood powder from abandons. And also update the products to use more recycling resources, our aim is using more than 98% recycling to replace the current 90%. 

3. Sundi will always cooperate with resource suppliers and push them to improve the quality of resources, the heavy metal and Formaldehyde content of Sundi WPC are far lower than the industry standard and similar products, which make Sundi WPC be the environmental, healthy and sanitary products.   

4. New ideas, serving with hearts, WPC is a high speed developing industry, which is in the initial stage, so it needs creative and development. All the defects during usage, Sundi people will handle them as soon as you find them, and we apologize for the trouble for you. 


Sundi WPC- your reliable friend!

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