The Expo Features Fierce Competition, with Sundi Emerging Victorious!

The Expo Features Fierce Competition, with Sundi Emerging Victorious!

From July 15th to 17th, 2020, the 2020 International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo and the 12th Shanghai International Prefabricated Building and Component Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The "International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo" (referred to as ES BUILD Asia Green Expo) was jointly created by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Construction Industry, the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, and the Shanghai Enterprise Exhibition Business Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is the first building materials exhibition in the country certified by the International Exhibition Industry Association and is currently the only international building materials trade fair that provides a comprehensive solution for green building. After 15 years of development, in terms of the size and industry influence of the exhibition, it has become truly the "number one green building materials exhibition in Asia".

In this exhibition, Sundi brought a rich variety of high-quality products to everyone, and our product designs are suitable for various styles. They not only have excellent appearance but also meet the various needs of different customer groups with keen insights and super-functional products. Whether it is a large-scale project or exquisite home decoration, Sundi can provide the most suitable products for consumers.



Different audience groups have different focus points when it comes to products. Many customers are not familiar with wood-plastic products. Sundi's Mousi wall panels and King Kong wood floors are green and environmentally friendly products with outstanding performance in terms of deep waterproofing, self-cleaning, high load-bearing, impact resistance, and weather resistance! In addition, the staff at the exhibition site also conducted careful and detailed communication with customers regarding various aspects such as design, production, decoration, delivery, installation, price, and safety.

As Chairman Li Jing said in an interview, a good company must have a sense of social responsibility, adhere to green and environmental protection, and follow the path of sustainable development. Sundi will continue to focus on research and development and promote the wood-plastic industry to a higher level!


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