What Are the Precautions when Cleaning the WPC Decking?

What Are the Precautions when Cleaning the WPC Decking?

Cleaning your floor is a great way to maintain it, but there are certain mistakes to avoid when cleaning. Mistakes in cleaning WPC floors can lead to extra maintenance. Avoiding these mistakes will make your super decks last longer and make your decks easier to maintain.

1. Wrong cleaning of WPC decking: use bleach to kill mold

Mold can attack the WPC decking products; when this happens, most homeowners turn to bleach to remove mold. Using bleach is one of the mistakes you should avoid when you want to remove mold from your wood-plastic floors. You should also watch out for floor cleaners that contain bleach. Chlorine bleach or floor cleaners that contain sodium hypochlorite can damage WPC floors. Avoid this type of bleach if you don't want your floors to fail prematurely. While some floor cleaners may contain oxygen bleach, which is milder than chlorine, using oxygen bleach to clean laminate boards should be your last resort.

WPC floors require simple cleaning with soapy water. Floors are not difficult to clean, making it easier for you to clean them with soapy water. You can also use a natural floor cleaner such as baking soda or baking soda and vinegar. These are natural substances that are effective in killing mold and removing stains from WPC floors.

2. Wrongly cleaning WPC decking: pressure washing is too close to your floor

Another mistake to avoid with WPC decking tiles is using a pressure washer. Many homeowners use an electric washer to clean their floors because it's faster. You can clean floors faster with a machine than with manual cleaning. You need to be very careful when using a pressure washer on WPC floors. You should not apply too much pressure when using the machine.

The WPC decking is not like the wood floor. If you move the pressure washer too close to it when you pressure wash the floor, the fan can damage the floor surface. If you are not good at operating machines, it is best to avoid using a pressure washer for WPC floors. If you want to flush the surface of your WPC decking, a water hose is a safe and good option.

3. Wrong cleaning of WPC decking: use the wrong floor cleaner

The correct cleaner for WPC floors is water and soap. Sometimes it's just a matter of rinsing the floor, and if there's a stain on it, a gentle scrubbing with soapy water will do. Most homeowners make the mistake of cleaning WPC floors with harsh floor cleaners. These cleaners sometimes contain chlorine bleach, which can damage WPC decking. When using soap on the WPC decking, avoid types that contain ammonia. That's why it's recommended to use your liquid dishwashing detergents - since they don't contain ammonia - to clean your WPC decking.

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