Will the Service Life of WPC Decking Be Longer or Shorter Than That of Wood?

Will the Service Life of WPC Decking Be Longer or Shorter Than That of Wood?

Will WPC floors be more durable than wood? Every homeowner loves installing finishes that last longer. A durable deck will help you save money on maintenance and parts replacement. But with the variety of trim materials on the market, it might not be easy to know those that will last longer, especially if you're new to trim.

1. WPC decking and wood floor

Timber or timber decking is a natural decking material you can use in your home or garden. It is also the oldest flooring material before the advent of WPC decking. Wooden floors are beautiful and blend in easily with the surroundings. Homeowners who prefer natural floor types do choose wood floors. Wood is also an affordable finishing material for building decks on a budget.

But the bad side of wood is that it has many disadvantages. The average lifespan of wood floors is 15 years. Wood floors are not durable; it is a natural finishing material and is susceptible to damage. Wood is also less resistant to weather elements. It is not waterproof and easily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Wood can also break, warp and split. Beyond that, wood is difficult to maintain. Maintaining wood can be stressful. Since the color of the wood will fade, it will need to be repainted and stained to make it look more attractive. The wood also needs to be sanded, sealed, and potentially replaced if it breaks.

Wood-plastic floors are made of wood fibers and plastic. The WPC decking texture looks like real wood. However, it is not a natural decorative type like wood because it contains recycled plastic material. WPC floors are more durable than wood. It can withstand heavier foot traffic than wood floors. WPC floors are less likely to break or crack like wood. WPC floors are also resistant to weather elements, it is resistant to temperature changes, humidity and moisture. WPC decking flooring does not expand like wood because it is moisture resistant. Plus, composites are termite resistant - unlike wood, there's no need to worry about termites damaging your floors. WPC floors are also easy to maintain. Its color does not fade, so no painting or staining is required. WPC floors also have a long warranty period. The lifespan of trim panels is between 25 and 30 years, depending on the brand.

2. Will the service life of WPC decking be longer than that of wood?

Learn all about wood and wood-plastic floors, their advantages and disadvantages, and we can now answer the question of whether composites outlast wood. Timber planks have an average lifespan of 15 years, while composites have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years. We can easily deduce that WPC decking has a longer lifespan than wood.

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